Le Coq Sportif: T-Shirt Discounter

Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director: Danil Golovanov
Art Director: Irina Korotich
Copywriter: Ivan Sosnin
Production: Evgeny Kharchenko


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For this interesting concept do I have to buy the T-Shirt first before I get to cut it up????

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No, you will get it for free

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I think i miss something here. Like the concept. And the link with the brand.
Ok, if you cut it, free boobs. But why?

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What does it all mean?

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I need a bit more explanation.

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Nike Diesel
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Looks like a lame excuse to see tits...

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makes no sense

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rama pranendra
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she's pretty, that's all i get

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When I first saw the shirt I was intrigued by the concept. Interesting and creative way of attracting potential customers. I wouldn't say it's a waste of money to buy the shirt and cut it off later as I believe the shop would offer more discounts to the consumers to cover up their losses. Also not many shirts has the design of coupons on it so if the person doesn't want to cut the shirt, it can be used as a normal simple shirt.

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Yes, you are absolutely right!

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