July 2009

A mailer was created, encouraging craft-store buyers to stock Lava Soap in their stores. Instead of sending heavy-handed testimonials, we developed the Grimey Hand Society—a group of people who love dirty hands and want to keep Lava Soap from being distributed. The mailer is complete with pictures, notes and letters that demonstrate this group’s disdain for Lava Soap and its hand-cleaning cleaning effectiveness.

Copywriter:Matt McNelis

Direct advertisment created by O'Leary and Partners, United States for Lava Soap, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: O'Leary and Partners, Newport Beach, CA USA
Creative Director: Eric Spiegler, Deidre McQuaide
Art Director: Paul Christensen
Print Production Manager: Priscilla Meza
Director of Print Production: Carol Knaeps
Senior Account Executive: Bridget Rodriguez
Management Supervisor: Maria Ramirez

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it's fun. I got it quick and I ain't quick.

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It's well-done... but the idea of coming around from the opposite direction –"pretending" to be the "grimey hand society" to un-sell (but really sell-sell) Lava soap– is way over complicated. If this is directed at arts/crafts stores (which is a GREAT idea), surely there was a better, more appropriate tie-in? Do craft people LIKE their hands being grimey?

...sorry, it's executed well, but it's a bit too convoluted.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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An interesting & very different hook to a simple bar of soap!

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Cute. But Sirvan may have something there.

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it's fun. I got it quick and I ain't quick.