KRRISH Group: Skyscraper Calendar

Objective: For New Years Day, we had to design a calendar for our client KRRISH, a construction and real estate firm. The objective was to establish the brand identity through a well-crafted design and build stronger relationships with prospective associates. Execution: Just like our client brings architectural marvels to life, we gave life to a simple paper calendar by crafting it into a set of 4 innovative table-top skyscrapers. Result: The calendar portrayed KRRISH as a contemporary and innovative brand in cluttered market space. It found its place on the tables of famous architects, associate business firms and prospective clients.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Marcom, Gurgaon, India
Art Director: Sumit Vashisth
Copywriters: Anish Nath, Kumar Saurabh
Production: Rajesh Bhargava
Printing and fabrication: DI Concepts


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cool looking calendar

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good work

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too intelligent for this


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