Kraft Coffee: The Secrets of Coffee Mailing

Coffee reveals coffee secrets. The coffee calendar was a VIP mailing of the Kraft Foods Europe Coffee Category for internal and external stakeholders. The main goal was to surprise category experts and involve them. A strange Mailing: a white box with a seemingly blank calendar. The content becomes visible only after coffee powder is spread over the pages and sticks to the glue-print. Visuals and copy appear – coffee secrets: strange facts, usages and effects. A random act of kindness well received and sure to hang in offices for a year.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Art Directors: Petra Sievers, Jens Klaar, Alexander Rötterink
Copywriters: Oliver Ramm, Tina Krahne
Illustrators: Jens Klaar, Cathrin Hoffmann
Production: Hammesfahr Vertriebs


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cool DIY dm! :)

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Clever, easy, fresh

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I wouldn't mind getting such a direct mailing! Great job :-)

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"Random act of kindness" - hardly, but a nice way to intrigue an audience into a messy use of coffee. Undoubtedly clever, but it'd be in my bin by March, after January's glue had dried and the floor was a dusty brown stain.

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Amazing idea. Very clever.
However, didn't like the functional benefits of the coffee described in illustration of the pages. It should have created an emotional platform. Then again, I don't know the TG of Germany well. Having said that, emotional platform is the global stance for all coffee sellers around the globe.


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Dear voters, please forward the half of your stars to

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Master Jack
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Not award-winning, but cute for the product.

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I agree.

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Very nice

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