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Lend a hand, let them hold on to life!
Do you know that you can change a child’s life by a small movement of your hand? Sending a text message by sparing only two minutes of your time will contribute to transform the life of a child in need of protection to a secure one and to give him a chance of a good education. Change the future.

Advertising Agency: Magma Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Irem Goren
Art Director: Cihangir Gumus
Copywriters: Izgi Tarakcioglu, Elif Sakalli
Released: January 2009


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Love the idea...hate the copy.


Not all who wander are lost.

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Love this website...hate your comment.

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Love your comment...because it shows your a retard!!!!

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You're the retard. Your grammar sucks.

There, two examples for you, haha.

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very very nice.bravo

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aferin cio!

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this ad proved to me that i still have a soul it just touched it

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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perfecto cio as usual..

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perfecto cio as usual..

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he has shown his talent as usual

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great job!
yürü be izgi!

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Creepy but eye catching. Did I say creepy?

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I agree it's a nice concept, but also agree the copy is a little clumsy. There are TWO puns in the headline, and one is enough. The ad would lose nothing if you simply removed the first 'lend a hand' pun, leaving the second 'help them hold on to life' as the headline.

Just my opinion of course.

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creepy.. and doesn't work.

kids don't fit the box, let alone stuck their hands out from a mailbox.


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brilliant idea

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Blair Semenoff
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Great job, stands out amongst the junk mail

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