Big Ben

March 2012
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Objective: Create a direct marketing to release Klein Bier’s new beer.

The Solution: The ESB style was born in England. It’s one of the most consumed beers in the country. Therefore, to release this new beer to the specialized media and for the pub owners, we developed a direct marketing based on one of Britain` most famous Icons: The Big Ben.

The Concept used on this mailing: “The beer that came at the right time.” An analogy about punctuality of the world’s most famous clock.

Inside the packaging: A bottle of ESB and a royal soldier shaped tag. Within this tag goes the following text: “The ESB style, as known as Extra Special Bitter, is a classic type of beer from England. A country known as home of the most important breweries of the world. And now, the Klein brewery is releasing their own ESB. One of the first to produce this style in industrial scale in the country, with a fine selection of imported malts and hops, from it’s origins: England.

Advertising Agency: Beats, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Sulivan Cruz
Art Director: Ronaldo Shimizu, Edson Vaz
Copywriter: Sulivan Cruz

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Guessing that this exhausted use of tired iconography is limited to a Brazilian audience then? Launching a 'British' beer with the name 'Klein' is not going to work anywhere else. And if the 'concept', loosely spoken, is about 'time' and the [bell] Big Ben, then why the soldier, who is never actually seen anywhere near the clock? Oh, never mind, well done Brazil, you make Brazil proud.