Light up your fireplace

January 2013
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Light up your fireplace with this set of 5 paraffin blocks displaying the greatest fires in history! The series of 5 paraffin blocks, available in matching box, contain 5 cityscapes of the ‘Greatest Fires in History’. Now you too can watch as Rome burns, or should you prefer, Tokyo, Chicago, London, or San Francisco. And whilst back in the year 66 AD, Rome burned for 6 long days. You can have it burned to ashes in just 3 hours. Whilst enjoying a good book and a fine glass of wine. Arson has never been so fun.

Advertising Agency: JWT Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Creative Director: Bas Korsten
Concept: Bas Korsten, Mark Peeters, Robert Nelk
Design: Kyoko Takeshita
Photographers: Chuck Studios, Erik de Koning
Producer: Elisah Boektje

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I don't think that this is disrespectful, disgusting or whatever. It reminds people that fire is a powerful thing.
So i'm think more on the line of "we shall never forget" then "Ha-ha" - Nelson

But then again that is what pretests are for ;-).