Here is our blood

January 2010

Here is our blood.
It was once thought that creativity was an indefinable concept, but research showed that it is a natural activity in influencing genetic, environmental and haphazard. It's stable, durable and unique to each human being. So you want to share our DNA, so that this coming year we have at your side. Come to bleed for you. You choose, clone or account with us.

Advertising Agency: Iskiam Jara
Creative Director: Iskiam Jara
Art Director: Iskiam Jara
Copywriters: Iskiam Jara

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Highest Rated

somecopywriter's picture
Activity Score 1113

One word: Creepy.

trism's picture
Activity Score 24

sangre real? no thanks. but it can get you attention, just not the kind that you want.

daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
Activity Score 333

Throw in a used condom and some unidentifiable white powder and you've pretty much got everything I would never want to receive in the mail.

silvi's picture
Activity Score 4172

A little arrogant, i think.

morse's picture
Activity Score 17508

This would be cool as a Twilight DM. But don't like it for an agency.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

chris myles's picture
chris myles
Activity Score 429

I agree with you Daniel.

slip's picture
Activity Score 919

they send you blood, but use cheap ribbon?


sandhya rao's picture
sandhya rao
Activity Score 217

may'nt work

somecopywriter's picture
Activity Score 1113

One word: Creepy.