IDEASLAB Ideas Laboratory: Creative soap

While in our market it is common to send luxurious Christmas Gifts, the challenge was to stand out by creating an innovative and disruptive present to send to our clients, with a special message about how important is to stimulate the creative process while thinking about brands. By doing this, we wanted our clients to feel how pleasant -and profitable- can be to think out-of-office, and make a statement about our Ideas Laboratory´s working process. So, we create an original Holiday Greeting Message that transmits the essence of our Ideas Laboratory.Since our investigations showed that the best ideas were thought up in the shower, we wanted to be there. We found the best way to do it: by developing a special soap, with citric scents and exfoliating seeds that broaden and clean the mind that enhances creativity.

Advertising Agency: IDEASLAB, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Leandro Gómez Guerrero
Art Director: Fernando Struyas
Copywriter: José Majó
Ideas manager: Daniela Varela
Director: Anton Terni / Transparente Films
Executive Producer: Gabriel Richieri / Transparente Films
Producer: Noelia Cavedagni
Editor: Verónica Tippmann
Published: December 2012


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Jaap Grolleman
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Superb idea. Well done Uruquay.

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Now that is a bar of soap.

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Jus' like DOVE IS NOT A SOAP, Its also not a soap IT'S AN IDEA :)

Ravi Solanki

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