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I like this idea with the "cardboxbox" ;) Smart and simple it makes the point.

Any already-done-comments?

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simple. nice.

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nice. simple

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\

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nothing beats the feeling of unboxing an ugly box and then finding the ol' ugly drawing inside. crackheads heaven indeed.

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first off, crack is crackheads' heaven.

second, it is a lot of direct mail material that will probably become trash. as brilliant as it is, it's still pretty wasteful. at least that's what i think when i get door-spammed.

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aaaahhhh. sweet & touchy

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Nice idea, but let's get real: these days, when people send pipe bombs by mail, who's gonna open an unmarked, unaskedfor box?

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Javier Ramírez
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Pero ¿qué tiene que ver la caja? ¿porqué una caja? la gente no vive en cajas, de hecho sus casas son de caña, no de cartón. Manda entonces una caja de fósforos.
Bastante pobre y predecible el texto.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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me gusta!!..., me hubiera gustado más si la caja estuviera envuelta como un regalo o una mejor presentación, ya que así se ve muy informal

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already done, by me. :(

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excellent idea!

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I'll never open a box whithout any identification. Good idea anyway

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Simple and effective

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Jon Juan

Almost everyone will open this. Curiosity is too powerful to deny sometimes, and I doubt that most people live their lives thinking that someone would have a reason to send them a pipe bomb...

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Yo le daria un cannes. Gran idea!!!!

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A mi forma de verlo muestra un problema maquillado. No llega a impactar por mostrar una cruda realidad. Por el contrario, la caja contiene planos de una casa muy comoda. La idea no es novedosa, pero es buena, y de hacerse, tendria mas impacto con planos de una vivienda tan pequeña, incomoda y ausente de necesidades básicas...Con la casa que se dibuja ahi, me motivaría a hacer una igual.


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Love it. Just one thing I thought could have helped: an OE line. I know I always harp on people's lines, but the OE is cardinal to DMs. Perhaps if their label was on the box instead of in the letter. I'd love to see the letter, too.

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