Hell Pizza: Pizza Ouija

Bring some after-life to your party.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Hagan Ainsworth, Chris Moore
Art Directors: Craig Fleish, Chris Moore
Copywriter: Greg Kieltyka
Designer / Typographer: Craig Fleisch
Photographer: Frank Hoedl

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Oh no...

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Hell's Pizza Ouija board uses a slice of pizza as a medium for communicating with spirits (which being done for a pizza restaurant, makes sense). It is a pizza operated Ouija board. You did a Ouija board for a restaurant with an evil sounding name, which doesn't really put a twist on the Ouija board, it's just a branded Ouija board. Similar device, different concept.

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not that great.

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Extremely creative use of a widely recognized product. The parallel between the name of the company and 'channeling spirits' is quite brilliant and overall, I think this is great creative. Definitely blows the Devilo 'concept' out of the water. The Devilo execution just looks like a Ouija Board with a logo slapped on it -- not a very good ad IMHO.

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