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03 June 2009, Amsterdam – Grey Amsterdam has launched a new service, Grey Lite, to support clients through a tough financial year, with the help of the world’s smallest website.

The Grey Lite service offers ‘small jobs, small prices’ to clients who are looking for extra-fast, extra-value services with the built-in high quality standards they have come to expect from Grey Amsterdam.

To reflect the philosophy that good things can come in small packages, the service is launched with a website ( - click for English version) so small you need a magnifying glass to view it. The supporting direct mail campaign involves a brochure no bigger than a postage stamp - and the essential accompanying magnifying glass. is created by David Pavlovic (online strategy and direction), with Pieter van den Heuvel and Pol Hoenderboom (creation)


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Nice work guys!

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Great JOB! I just don't like the tagline, too underestimate; probably better with "Small price. Big effect/High quality" yeahh etc etc.. Something like that.. I dunno just my 2 cent..

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Amazing idea. Clients must have loved this one.

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