Gold Fish Awards: Paycheck

Advertising Agency: ACW Grey, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Yonatan Stirin
Creative Director: Tal Riven, Shani Gershi
Copywriter: Yaniv Shachar
Art Director: Nimrod Miman
Account Manager: Dani Brande
Account Superviser: Alon Armer
Account Executive: Tali Bielski
Planner: Michal Hadi Cohen
Agency Producer: Lilach Yitzhac, Meital Tzoref

June 2010


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3734 pencils's a very worth idea! (better than the D&AD print campaign)

Simple ideas are the best !

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2964 pencils

Isrel, camaign....

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i think creative directors is a pretty cool guy. eh makes crazee concepts all day and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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4 pencils


amateurhomemade's picture
4 pencils

i think creative directors is a pretty cool guy. eh has many gr8 ideas and has mad conceptz and doesn't afraid of anything.

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144 pencils

great.. :D

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656 pencils

The comments are a hundred times better than the campaign :D

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spell check.
otherwise a nice idea.

mikeelrapido's picture
1929 pencils

Great, simple idea! But to reach all creative directors it must be a lot of work..


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194 pencils

I think you're all drunk, smoking weed or just not in the industry... This idea is far from good. It actually really fails to create action. I highly doubt that the results posted are true. Furthermore, there are so many typos that it just fails to deliver on its creativity. The idea of using a paycheck is a nice start however i feel the team just stopped right there and didn't explore the concept further. Most people, have there money transferred into there accounts these days... a pay check is so 1960s! Also, if it were a paystub... well, most people rip those up and throw them away.

This idea needs more work and I highly doubt it was ever executed.

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1866 pencils

Nice idea, but could be better execution.

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