Global Warming: Screensaver

Advertising Agency: Master, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: Luciano Toaldo, Claudio Freire
Art Director: Caique Mazanek
Copywriter:Marco Pupo
Webdesign: Jimmy Nisgosky
Retouch: Marcio Augusto, Guto Weçoski
Released: March 2008


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this is a great idea. just wish i knew portuguese to download the screensavers. if indeed they're available on spvs site.
if not, they should be.

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killer idea.

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Wow. A really cool one. Cannes Lion guys. Congratulations.
How can i download?

TrainRunner's picture
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Cannes Lion? Really?

Its no more than a bad slide show with facts running along the bottom. It maybe true, but I doubt it's effective. I don't know about you guys but screen savers come on after a period of not using your computer. How many people sit and stare at their computer screens waiting for a screen saver to come on? I wonder where they'll bill that time to.

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169 pencils

They'll see it when they come back.

It's great, but I think the visual should be more impact.

artiam's picture
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very, very clever.

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1636 pencils

Those who left their monitor on and left the office would not see this anyway.

Rog's picture
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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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So cool. So cool.

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Alessandro Boggiano
101 pencils

Nice music!!!!!!!
Anyone knows the title?

: ))

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Klint - Diamond, from the Snatch soundtrack.

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Great. Lion...

iT-iS-i's picture
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Tired of all the juniors claiming every second idea that's posted on here is a lions winner... Pfff, go back to school....

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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here here. i'm so tired of "cannes lion" "cannes lion."
is that the reason we all got in advertising?

ogilvyandmenon's picture
178 pencils

maybe not. but it has certainly become the reason for a lot of us to stay in advertising.
"one lion and i will be done with this stupid business"

sloppy4's picture
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being short listed at cannes - one of dozens stupid awards shows - is what keeps you going?
i think you need a little self-reappraisal my friend.

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very good!

1838 pencils

That's really nice. A very clever approach, and great that it can be sent right to where it has most impact AND speaks in the familiar language of the screensavers.

I'm going to get one for my mac. :-)

We're going to need more lube.

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easy tiger
68 pencils

this is rubbish ! lion my ass ! that's a Hyena !

FlyingDogs's picture
968 pencils

Hahahahaha!! Easy, tiger!

Goafest '08 in pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/godwind/sets/72157603006585003/

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1636 pencils

It's not a Lion, not a Hyena...it's a pussy.

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Disco Munky
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I'm not going to say garbage, but it's not great.

Interesting use of media but the idea is soooo soft, that if this really and truly were to work, we'd be a world at peace with no war and no need for advertising because the social conscious would be as one, with nothing being available to one that wasn't available to all.

The problem with this type of advertising is that it's all smoke and mirrors.

The illusion of morality, masking the true face of capitalism, an oily black face with a diamond grin.

Keep going guys. We're almost there. Let's all fight the good fight and live in harmony eh, screen savers are the best first step on the long road to salvation and I for one applaud this brave swipe at the hide of the beast that feeds us all.

Doin' it for the points

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Fucking cool.

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Wouldn't it be smarter to use an all black screensaver? Or to configure the computers to turn off the monitor after a period of inactivity? Doesn't it save the same energy as a powered off screen? ;)

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Muy bueno. Hagan lugar en las vitrinas.

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Senhora Kolossa
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this is so stupid! if you will get the it department to install these screensavers, they could also set the stand-by-mode to beginn after a short period of time.
and if you install it by yourself, you're aware that you should turn your monitor off. so you have to keep it on to see a screensaver, which tells you that you should turn it off. get it?
damn, this is horrible.

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Senhora Kolossa
483 pencils

sorry, i forgot one thing:

wtf? seems to be a students work!

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very intelligent



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federal highway
18 pencils

don't screensavers come on when your pc is idle?

what use is this if no one's at the pc to actually WATCH and read the msg?


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Guest commenter

wher do i download it..

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mas o menos, poco creible

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