Garage Fitness Club: Be prepared to sweat

In order to stay slim you also need to sweat.

People who want to stay slim usually drink dietetic beverages, but do not take in consideration that they also need to exercise in order to accomplish the task. When customers ordered a dietetic beverage in a restaurant or pub, they received a cup branded GARAGE with a picture of an exercising man and the message: "In order to stay slim you also need to sweat". In a few seconds the cup began to "sweat" and created a sweating affect on the picture, which attracted the customers' attention to the message.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Sigal Abudi
Art Director: Liran Elias
Copywriter: Dror Lavi


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Black Hour
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Oh yeah because everybody wants to drink with a glass cover in sweat (even if it's not really the case).
Nice use of the cup but horrible idea

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nice one

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