Fyffes: Banana Comic Week 2013

Children in industrialized nations are eating too much fast food and sweets. The result: diabetes and adiposity. To change this FYFFES initiated a global campaign: The “Banana Comic Week 2013”. In collaboration with the famous CARLSEN Comics the comic-hero “FYFE” was developed – a boy who turned into a superhero by eating a banana. For the very first time and with the help of an innovative laser-print technique six different comics were printed on banana skins. The “Banana Comic Week 2013” were a great success in each of the 9 countries and every school and convinced children and parents how delicious and powerful bananas are.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Client Account Director: Michaela Schneider
Agency Account Directors: Julia Garving, Tamara Jonescheit, Chris Kunzendorf
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Directors: Henning Patzner, Cosimo Moeller, Till Diestel
Copywriters: Valerie Koch, Claudio Keleminic
Art Director: Stefanie Paulus
Creative Producer: Florian Panier
Production Companies: Neverest
Production Companies: Schneidereins Medienproduktion
Graphic Designers: Franziska Stroehle
Daniele DelNero
Illustrator: Flix Carlsen Comics


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I love it!

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Nice but seems to be incedibly expensive.

("Tim and Struppi" is Tintin for the rest of world btw.)

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great iniciative i think this goes to cannes! ;)

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Meravigliosa iniziativa, grandi!

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LOL! Tim AND Struppi! In English!

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