Fundacion Banco De Alimentos: Hunger Delivery

We made a deal with the most important pizzerias in Asunción and what we did was deliver the order, but a lot later on Friday night. When the pizza was delivered, we put a message: when you’re hungry, you understand hunger. This pizza is free so you can contribute what you can to help the national food campaign. Food Bank Foundation.

Advertising Agency: Oniria\TBWA, Asunción, Paraguay
Chief Creative Officer: Camilo Guanes
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Achával
Creative Director: Arturo Valiente
Copywriters: Arturo Valiente, Rene López
Art Director: Noelia Pérez
Account Supervisor: Cecilia Canillas
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Amanda Villamayor
Planner: Rodrigo Weiberlen


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The idea, the execution, and the main copy are great, but I don't know, I feel there's something missing here...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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whit? Please check the verbage.

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Forgets the slepping mistakes & grammars, the message is beautifully delivered, now let's help spread the message to others.

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