FP7: Poaching Phone

Advertising Agency: FP7/DXB, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Paul Banham
Creative Directors: Husen Baba, Ali Mokdad
Art Directors: Joseph Alipio, Husen Baba, Paul Banham, Ali Mokdad
Copywriters: Ali Mokdad, Paul Banham
Head of Design: Ryan Atkinson
Design Director: Erol Salcinovic
Junior Graphic Designer: Laila Mokdad
Agency Producer: Khalid Hamza
Additional credits: Jacques Mulder, Adam Browing Hill, Ashraf Mohammed Unnay

August 2013


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Great concept. Sure is expensive to hire some people the old fashion way.

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Austin Video Pr...
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You have to admit, that's pretty clever.

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Pete R.
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Wow. Great! I want to receive such a phone.

Art & Illustration

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Is the comparison apt? If you know who you want to hire why would you spend money on headhunters anyway? You just call them and ask if they are interested. Still smart and I'm sure it created interest. It's just I'm not sure about the saving part.

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fabulous !


Tero Ylitalo's picture
Tero Ylitalo
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Have to agree with morse. Just pick up the phone and give them a call. Not as interesting, but still works if your agency has what it takes.

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In response to Morse and Tero, true anyone can call up talent and try and hire them the old fashioned way, its been done time and again, which is why this is so great! Personally, as a designer, if a company sent me a book like this, and went to all this trouble, I wouldn't hesitate to join them! How awesome that they not only showcase creativity in their hiring process, but also show they're not just hiring anybody! They want you!

If everyone thought that way, no great or creative ideas would see the light of day.

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This idea has been done. Don't recall the agency, but I saw it on an award show site recently. They sent out an old-style 'red phone' with one big button on it. Inside the phone was re-wired with a burner cell phone inside to call the recruiting agency once the big button was pressed. It won gold I think.

Looked like this:

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Sorry thedesignaddict... I've searched, google, coloribus and basically every archive looking for your 'red phone' idea and I came up with nothing. Can you please supply a link, otherwise please don't callously throw around accusations that "it's been done before." I don't think that's fair.


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