Foster’s Wine Group: The Corks

Tips that rock.

Fosters Wine Group was struggling with younger restaurant servers not knowing much about wine and therefore unable to sell it well. To educate them in an engaging way we created the CORKS. An actual band in the vain of SPINAL TAP that created spoof songs about the different wine varietals, serving tips, and food pairing. “UNSCREW ME” dismantles the myths of screw top wines. Servers at various restaurants received a kit that included the CD with booklet insert, buttons, and a scroll pen with a pull out cheat sheet to help with common questions.

Advertising Agency: Alcone Marketing Group, Irvine, USA
Creative Directors: Luis Camano, Carlos Musquez
Art Directors: Paul Ulloa
Copywriters: Cameron Young, Kevin Kleber
Illustrators: Paul Ulloa
Other additional credits: Amy Cook

November 2008


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simple but brilliant. Impressed & shocking people that passed.

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really nice work guys, congrats

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Nothing really great here.

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i would need to read the actual content of the CD (and taste the wine) before I can really judge this.

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This is the coolest project I've ever seen. The Illustrators of it should get huge raises and rule the world!

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I could definitely use this very soon. wow this is brilliant

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"This is the coolest project I've ever seen."

Maybe, then, u should visit AdsOfTheWorld more often.

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really nice!

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