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Soup Nazi

Perhaps I lost this in translation a little as I am not from Turkey, however initially I thought the faces were'winking' rather than having their ear pulled.

Perhaps if the handle was flesh/pink coloured rather than white it would have made a more instant connection.

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yea u right

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Hmmmm me too. ?

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It's funny that the girl who appeared on the cup is the girl who actually holding it on the so call 'user' picture. ;)

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how many people will make the mug upside down to see the company name???????? doesn't work for me.

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Blair Semenoff
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I thought they had something in their eye. lol

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company name placing is very very wrong. :/

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You can see deep message under the mug:
"The credit card for who can not be well behaved"

How can we see this message under the mug?
I think that target audience is maids! :D

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Naw when your sipping the cup whoever is sitting across from you will read it and might point it out to the one who bought it. Kinda unique in that aspect. Could have done with a tag line across the sides of the cups and the company logo on the sides too.

I thought they were winking too!

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Noone can see anything up to the end of last shot! While sipping the angle isn't enough to read the hole message.

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nice concept n execution


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