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is it made to be clear? How does it work?

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Seriously, how does this work? Don't all tea have a tinge of colour?

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Im guessing the water is always tinted, so that the message is all need to reflect on their sins because nobody is pure of heart. I have never seen nor heard of clear tea, I believe it is impossible.

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It is made to be clear. The tea leaves were boiled a couple times before being packed. And the teabag was made from thicker fabric. So if you dip it to the water, there's no color.
@vanMeter: The objective is to greet Moslem people and make them self-reflect, but NOT in an accusing way (by showing tinted water / saying "hey your heart is not pure"). Because the greeting cards were received on the Eid Mubarak, where Moslem people apologize and forgive each other, after 1 month of fasting and praying. So on the big day, people already have "pure heart", it's a common belief of Indonesian Moslem.
So this is basically the interactive version of the very common Eid Mubarak greeting cards sold in the stores.

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oy vey, won't they be disappointed that there's no actual tea to be enjoyed after the effort of boiling the water?
will that disappointment lead them to ignore the message?
people can be rather selfserving, even as they try to think of others.
but then again, im not Moslem.

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The tea was sent as an interactive greeting card, the directions printed on the package clearly direct them to use it as a "pure-meter", not to drink it. People expect to see a clear water because they expect to be told "oh you're heart is already pure". So they'll know it wasn't meant to be drank.

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But I like to drink a cup of tea in the afternoon. :D

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i like tea of Karadeniz

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i don't like tea

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