December 2008
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"Essknete" is the first edible clay in the world! For our client we made a calendar with yummy girls made of Essknete to seduce buyers for the categories toys and food. The Title "Kaugirls" plays with "Cowgirls" and the
German "kau-" which means "to chew".

Advertising Agency: Vier für Texas, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Philipp Erlach
Art Directors: Sonja Weber, Frank Röhrig
Illustration: Elisabeth Esselborn
Photographer: Marc Wuchner

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"Essknete" is the first scam ad of our agency! The Title "Kaugirls" plays with "Cowgirls" and the German "kau-" which means "to chew" what makes it one bad "kalauer", which means "pun" which means "wtf" which means "please dont post more work".


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