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It's effective, but I wouldn't want my hands dirty.

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applause guys. simply great. keep up the good work.

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I don't like the copy that underestimates the target interpretation.

if these people are really "slaves", not "like slaves" the filth in my hand should be red for blood.

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Good point.


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If we dirtied the public's hand with blood ,red, we would have been much more literal and underestimating our public cultural knowledge.

Nowadays we have new modalities of slavery and you can be sure that is very different to the forced work from decades ago.

Today slave work is masked in a such way, that many workers get paid, however, they naively don't know that are being enslaved by the system.

The campaign ''Escravidão Não'' or ‘’Slavery Not’’, will continue next years and each year it will approach a different modality of forced work in Brazil.

This year we chose to talk about the forced work in ‘’coal pits’’. This type of worker is not agressed physically, but psycologically. He’s got debts with his employer, but this debts it has been paid countless times with interest rates. However for a matter of instruction lack, he doesn't know his rights.

It is very important for a person that works with advertisiment, to get envoled a little deeper with every culture issue and values, than you can have a much denser critic power.

Best Regards

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I totally agree everything you've stated. "legal slavery" is much more global that everybody thinks it's "local".

When I said the copy is underestimating the target interpretation I don't mean to be mean. But the longer you read the card, the impact of the filth fades a little. The copy could be shorter and yet more teasing. The last paragraph is more than enough.

It is well acceptable that hands can get dirty while you work (any job). When it paints black, this is a little normal (and expected), It could be a little more effective if it paints red when the card was black as coal.

I am a person from a far away country... I thought the copy is telling too much. Your local target can not be more ignorant than me.

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Wow that's awsome, never saw something like this before. Great impact, makes people think about the issue.

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this is very cool. even though it would annoy someone getting dirty hands. without a doubt they would be telling all their friends about it.

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"interactive" cards - fantastic idea!

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it`s always good to make people experience things that happen to others

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copy is pretty more than need but Idea is OK


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