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Pushkaraj Shirke
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stupid force fitting has a new benchmark. Faces will be rearranged is bang on - violent and fresh. the puzzle just kills it.

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The idea is the puzzle. 'Faces will be rearranged' is the headline that explains why is it a puzzle. How would the puzzle kill the copy??

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Totally agree, without the puzzle it wouldn't make sense.

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i like it, it's funny.

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funny? :DDD
forced way, guys...

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I don't think it's forced, the puzzle adds the extra umpf.

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yeah everything goes together really well :-)

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I think it's great!

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This is a direct call to the real purpose of this game... Right for the people enjoying it.

Me hate the game, like the print.

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agree with satrianee, hate the game but can see that this will engage the target group

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The idea and the way they solved was great but, I'd work harder on the copy...
Too literal...

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You don't feel the copy. It is rapidly short, it is hard and straight like a manly punch. Just perfect.

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This is great. Forced? Jealous more like it.

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Shadow Ops
148 pencils

This is the visual equivalent of a pun and a see say ad all at once. seems like a first thought that came to life...but probably shouldn't have. Will probably win at Cannes!

Let's keep advertising fun

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This is bang on.

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177 pencils

I love it! good idea...

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very literal.

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