Douwe Egberts: Talking cup

Strategy: The coffee brand Douwe Egberts wanted to sell more coffee. They based their campaign on the insight that every good conversation is held while having a cup of coffee. At home, at work or at a restaurant. So how do we sell more coffee? Simple: create more conversations.

Idea: Based on this strategy, Douwe Egberts launched the campaign “A good conversation starts with Douwe Egberts”. To support this campaign, they created the “conversation cup”. A coffee cup that helps you choose a conversation subject. Simply put your spoon in the cup and let it decide for you.

Results: The campaign led to a lot of heated conversations at the workplace and restaurants where they were distributed. They gave a great boost to the campaign “A good conversation starts with Douwe Egberts”.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez & Peter Ampe
Copywriters / Art Directors: Hans Kerkhoff, Raoul Maris
Strategic Planner: Katrien Bottez
Media Planner: Annemie Verschueren
Account handling: Matthias Dubois, Annelies Van Der Donck
Print Producer: Claudine Sweers
DTP: Arnaud Duval

November 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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Oh that's great, great. I'm not sure weither the spoon should choose the topic of your conversation but the idea of the spoon in a cup of coffee deciding something is great, I love it. It makes the coffeecup something interactive.

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I'm not sure about the "spoon choosing topics" either. I think "Choose your topic" would do, without giving life to a plastic spoon. But otherwise it's a very cool piece of ad. Insight is here, it's smart and true. Great job.

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That's really cool. Great idea.

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Let's all give a big hand to Annelies Van Der Donck for this work on Douwe Egberts. Two great names that go great together.

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Very creative.

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what a good idea!

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Very appropriate for coffee. Most conversations take place over a cup of coffee.

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Duval Guillaume rocks!

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Really well done, it is true that we can easily imagine people playing with the cup during their coffee break.
A possible extension for a salary comparison website : a boss could pay a coffee to one employee who asks for a wage increase. Around the cup are different possible amounts of increase. Make the employee turn the spoon and see where it stops ! To me a good way to give some extra taste to the coffee !

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I think the hierarchy is off a little bit, cool idea. a little too messy with the type.

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but only "choose your topic" also would do


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Very clever

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