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cool concept!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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might work...
but you really have to rely on the forecast.

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I love this one! :)

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hahaha funny.

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Nice simple idea

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Gilbert Berkam
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Nice idea

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and you might miss it if some snow decides to knock it down on the windshield. it'll get buried.

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And you might miss a billboard if your eyes are on the road, or you might miss a print ad if you skip the page, and you could miss a tv spot if you go to the bathroom. Sheeesh! Get over your fucking self –– it's a great idea. Stop looking for something to dislike about it. (you must be one of "those" creative directors)

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Nice thought. But I would be seriously pissed off at you and your company if the snow and water froze the flyer to the screen and I had to scrape it off.

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This again begs the question...how pissed would I be (as a driver), to find out that somebody's left something behind on my car? I only bring this up as it has been mentioned in previous ambient ideas involving cars. That said, this is a truly admirable concept.

I think; therefore I am

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I don't mind stuff on my car per se, so long as it doesn't damage it and I can take it off easily. Flyers under windscreens are not new. Putting something on in freezing cold, wet weather when it could freeze to the windscreen and need scraping to get it off may get on my goat however.

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just write
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I quite like it's good.. i don't know how driver or owner of the car would feel..

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they would feel awesome.

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Awesome Idea! Too good!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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