Diesel: Kneej

Task at hand was to come up with an in-store promotion idea to run along the 'Sex sells Unfortunately we sell jeans' campaign to help increase sales. So we created the Knee.J, a spoof sex toy of sorts to be given away to all customers that ran a bill above $ 150. One day from running posters and e-mailers, the stores saw an instant increase in walk-ins. Customers were all eager to get their hands on the Knee.J. What was meant to be a one-store activity got enough publicity to manufacture more pieces and take them across all stores. The sales picked up by 40% and customers were spotted kneeling for more.

Advertising Agency: Happy Creative Services, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Praveen Das, Kartik Iyer
Art Director: Praveen Das
Copywriter: Sanaa Abdussamad
Illustrator: Rishidev
Designer: Praveen Das
Studio Head: Rama Krishna
Account manager: Ravi Bhat
Published: May 2010


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1929 pencils

Funny idea...



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But do they work??

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Ron Burgundy
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any volunteers ?

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I just got excited. So I guess it worked.

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It's a good start but this advert still doesn't convince me to buy them.

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