Detran-RS: Banged-up car flier

Is that how you are planning on finishing your trip? Recklessness kills.
Traveling safe
Detran - Rio Grande do Sul

Initiative carried out at toll stations by the Rio Grande do Sul Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers were handed out completely crumpled fliers. As they straightened them out, they would see a message warning against reckless driving.

Advertising Agency: Escala, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Director: Régis Montagna
Art Director: André Blanco
Copywriter: Maurício Cardoso

October, 2012


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Prasad Weerasekara
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Good. A bit of blood would also help. Not sure if it will really shock them though, maybe work a bit more on that. Keep it up.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men Colossians 3-23

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^ Oh, please.

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Simple and outstanding.

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John Kevin
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Oh my. The same idea again...

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I heard about the same idea somewhere. I cant remember it precisely though.

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I like the idea.... Just do not over do it a million times in one year.

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i like it...even if its old and done it looks good.

groovy baby!

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They received crumpled flyers and then they throw it in the trash can. Please.

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Good idea. Well execution. But, a bit cliche in the sense that crumpled papers are a regular part of our lives. The subconscious is, we always crumple papers when its not of use anymore and we just throw it away and forget about it. So chances are low that even in the back of the minds, drivers will remember it.

Rather the same idea with a different format may be if were possible to give the drivers to keep in their vehicles in the vicinity which frequently catches their attention, would have been more effective. Obviously the placement has to be such that does not distract the drivers while driving.


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