jamesrothenburg's picture
554 pencils

Nice DM.

andreabecon@yahoo.it's picture
81 pencils

cool, i like it, well done!

lordvitrio's picture
68 pencils

buen trabajo muchachos, saludos de un colombiano en argentina.


Carolina's picture
9 pencils

Hola! Muchas gracias por tu apreciación. Saludos desde Bog*

BigBrother's picture
94 pencils

simple, direct, no BS approach.
wish there were more ideas like this.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10679 pencils

This actually made me want to work on some direct mail assignments!!
You guys showed me how fun and rewarding it can be. A simple, creative, to-the-point communication. Absolutely memorable piece of work. Wish I'd done it.

muxa's picture
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Very, very good.

ragecg's picture
73 pencils

Wait, theres a patch that can remove my fat now?

.....wait, only legal in Columbia... dammit!

Abra Cadabra's picture
Abra Cadabra
102 pencils

Yes, as long as I don't have to diet or exercise. Just give me something that will artificially take my fat away, because i couldn't POSSIBLY have the self discipline to put down the grape soda long enough to TAKE A FREAKING WALK.

Sorry, this is a really sore subject for me. How long would it take you to work off that excess fat? A month of exercise? Lazy assholes.

Abra Cadabra's picture
Abra Cadabra
102 pencils

...but it is a great piece. Good work done for an evil cause.

cheza's picture
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Works for me.

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lucciano marisio
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Me gusta la idea, que bueno ver trabajos en español por acá.



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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Thank you very much everyone for your insights, this was an idea "touché" . Cheers, Caro

Carolina's picture
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For all those who have argued about this work: The piece communicates to the consumer, experiential and interactive way, that little fat that protrudes a little, can be easily removed with the temporary use of the patches Dermasolutions. Clarifies that the product is not a substitute for the gym, but a complement to aerobic exercise routine. Thanks for your comments. Att, Carolina Ramírez * Art Director

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