Condomi: Bag

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB Kobza, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Patrik Partl, Andreas Gesierich
Art Driectors: Andreas Gesierich, Roman Steiner
Jr. Art Director: Daniel Senitschnig
Copywriter: Florian Schwab
Account Director: Carola Krempler-Hurnaus

December, 2008


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Not another bag!

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Surely you'd want everyone to know you've just bought a tarzan.

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88 pencils what happens when the store runs out of bags for one particular sex?

I gotta hand it to them though, they definitely captured the edgy approach.


never stop exploring.


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Advertising Pawn
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I was trying to think of a clever pun with teabag and failed miserably.

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you cant hold this bag the fingerhole s too deep, scam!

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U 've made a good point!

Sehmi Singh Surjeet
Creative Director, New Delhi, India.

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Y'know, there's erotica, and then there's just plain ol' sleaze...


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I think it's fun. I'd imagine people probably aren't as uptight about sex in Austria as in the U.S.

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either they make the canne lion bag category. or people learn to stop making ads about bags. I would love to see the brief for this...

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Whatever, it make me laugh!!

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i am zero
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the design could be more interesting, which would make someone see it,
in this case people won't try to find out details
means i don't feel its realistic

my opinion!

pashya is zero

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people walking around holding their crotch??? would be more apt for Michael Jackson is in town...

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Disco Munky
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Oh look, it's like I'm fingering a girl when I carry this bag....rubbish.

Learn to not be rubbish, that should be your goal for the new year.

Also to stop sucking-balls, at being good.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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Done to deat.

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Great idea, but i cant help thinking of the poor bastards carrying these bags on the open street...
I would laugh and point at them!

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Oh not another bag ad.

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Yes, because you really want everybody to know you just bought a new dildo.

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This is creative and it would do the trick but I don't see myself walking with these bags with myself, I wouldn't want to draw any attention on me.

When are the escorts London an option?

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