Coca-Cola: Rain for sale

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather / Geometry Global, Bogotá, Colombia
Executive Creative Directors: John Raúl Forero, Juan Pablo Álvarez, Mauricio Guerrero, Juan Jose Posada
Creative Directors: Juan Cárdenas, Andrés Astorquiza
Art Directors: Kiko Correa, Andrés Astorquiza, Sergio Lizarazo
Copywriters: César Castaño, Juan Cárdenas
Account Executives: Fabio Quiroga, María López, Marcel Palacio, Tatiana Palacios
Photographer: Jorge Oviedo
Additional credits: Los Notarios, David Studio, Real Music

February 2014


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The Moët
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but overall it's amazing..

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Beautiful. The rainiest town in the world doesn't have drinkable water. And now it does. And they say advertising is almost the last in the list of trusted professions.

Hand on my heart

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That's it? That's the idea?

An axe murderer of ads.

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Yeah and a good one at that.

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Cool, but surely the citizens of the rainiest town in the world having difficulty getting potable water is just Darwinism at work.

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Assuming uniform coverage over its entire area that's 312 MILLION gallons of rain a year... or about eleven thousand gallons per person there... that's 31 gallons of water a day for everyone there... and until Coca Cola came along there was really no concerted effort to treat the water?? I find that a little unbelievable...

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