Bio cooler

June 2014

The Coca-Cola Bio cooler


Direct advertisment created by Leo Burnett, Colombia for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Colombia
Regional Creative Director: Fernando Belllotti
General Creative Directors: Fernando Hernández, Mauricio Sarmiento, Germán Espitia
Design Creative Director: Paola Torrenegra
Copywriter: Camilo Carvajal
Art Director: Diego Almanza
Account Director: Ana Sanchez
Production Company: Colombo Films
Director: Andrés Cortés
Editor: Laura Solake
Music: Daniel Roa, Eduardo Laverde / Soundlab

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Highest Rated

parlinka's picture
Activity Score 92

very smart

morse's picture
Activity Score 17604

Great tech, but the cooler looks absolutely out of place in that village.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

BoBBy_js's picture
Activity Score 175

110% agree.

Andrés García's picture
Andrés García

Excellent idea, but are they going to make them take a Coke? remember that Coca Cola is not a healthy drink, also produces more thirsty. However admirable technological development and the idea of ​​providing the most needy.

TheBear's picture
Activity Score 488

This is kinda wrong. You don't create an electricity-free fridge so they can just have a cold coke. what if you actually help? Also, who is going to supply that little town (far from everything) every time they run out of coke? Smells like fakevertising.

I'm good at this But not perfect.

abballesteros2002's picture
Activity Score 2

worldwide initiatives are very interesting! Hope these has follow through plan (not to waste).

tu y yo's picture
tu y yo


crisdiaz13's picture
Activity Score 2

well, let's provide them a cold coke instead of promoting them to drink water. In the future, the "happiness" of this town is going to change into gastritis or stomach cancer.

Marcao's picture
Activity Score 3029

Great tech, misguided intentions.

BlackProject's picture

I love the way those poor villagers have perfectly aligned shiny white teeth and know how to play in an ad.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 46010

I agree.

Terzom's picture

Oh no, the coke is out... darn!

Faffhy's picture

this is a stole idea! 2 years ago "ciel" make that!

PaulyB's picture
Activity Score 2

Those beautiful pearly whites won't be beautiful pearly whites for much longer.

Still coming to terms with not being Eric Cantona.

hedonismhighway's picture
Activity Score 63

This project will be the ''Lion Hunter'' in Cannes... Good job!

TheBear's picture
Activity Score 488

Negotiated bronze

I'm good at this But not perfect.

parlinka's picture
Activity Score 92

very smart

Maria cristina's picture
Maria cristina

@Faffhy You do know that Ciel belongs to Coca cola right? And that is not the same kind of cooler?

joelgutierrez's picture
Activity Score 14

So wrong...

Joel Gutiérrez
YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada ®