Clark&Kent: Phone Booth Business Card

Clark&Kent is the smallest ad agency in the world with headquarters in a phone booth in New York. Here is the C&K business card. And of course…it’s a phone booth!

Advertising Agency: Clark&Kent, New York, USA

June, 2012


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Nice way to telling clients you don't have a real office.

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Love it!!!

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Awesome! Great job Clark and Kent :)

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I thought it was a reference to Clark Kent and Superman. The joke isn't clear.

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It is indeed a reference to CK/Superman. Clark generally got changed in a phone booth - at least in the comics. The joke is brilliantly clear :)

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Funny they have no phone number... so I guess their office isn't literally in a phone booth. But isn't that a typo on the card? Shouldn't it say headquarters?

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Just ignore chuckieT, he's an angry guy who has never made any great work himself. What's clear is that he's an idiot.

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an ad agency with gmail email account.. no so professional...

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Muito Bom chi bom chi bom bom bom!

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Prasad Weerasekara
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Like it

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Not sure about this card. It is unique and it got attention so in that respect it is better than 99.9% of the cards I see but if I were a potential client I don't think it would make me call or want to do business with them. If that is the way most people feel then they put out a card that got a lot of attention where potential clients who did not know them now do but don't want to do business with them. A few changes to the card where it listed their real office and said something about the most effective small ad agencies in NYC would have made the phone ring more.

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I think the card and concept is fantastic and as a potential client I would be very interested to at least schedule a meeting to see what they are all about. What would stop me however is the tagline; the grammar is poor and that would leave me to believe their work would be sloppy. Otherwise I love it - even with a gmail address.

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great job, simple and clever

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Tasteful, cool and smart.

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You Are What You Expect

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where's the big blue...?

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where's the big blue...?

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where's the big blue...?

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