Chocolate Bar: Loyalty card

We set out to reward The Chocolate Bar's frequent customers' love of sweets and their sense of humor at the same time. To do this, we designed a loyalty card with a dental chart on it. Every purchase is rewarded with a punched tooth. After 16 teeth are punched, the customer is entitled to a complimentary chocolate of their choice.

Advertising Agency: Greynyc, NY, USA
Creative Directors: Tor Myhren, Noel Cottrell
Art Director: Paul Safsel
Copywriter: Doug Kagan
Illustrator: Simon Alicea
Photographer: Chris Vitola
AE: Mary Nieween

December 2016


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Great idea -- wrong client. Should have been for a dentist. Why remind your customers that our product rots your teeth out? And oh, by the way -- here's ANOTHER candy bar!

-Yeah, I said it!

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Agree. Una buena idea para el cliente equivocado.

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The reason I am giving a 10 to this is that, it does not matter if the idea is good or bat to whoever client it is, the matter is that NONE of you, not I, thought about this before.

- Yeah, I said it!

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Well that didn't take long. I was wondering how long it would be before one of you douche bags started posting under my name.

- (the real and original) Yeah, I said it!

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Great idea and very NEW... i agree with one of the guest comment ---- wrong client & for that : 6/10

Simple ideas are the best !

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...and should also use another puncher, otherwise lots of complimentary chocolates will be gone exponentially!

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Wrong client... totally agree.

Wow, it's embarrassing how these big new york shops misfire on obvious attempts at award-bait, and yet do such lackluster work for their real clients (I know, I know, the clients suck, etc).

I also agree w/ the "puncher" comment; which means this execution is obviously fake. Real promotions like this ALWAYS use a custom puncher to make sure their customers don't cheat.

...Look, I'm not saying this isn't a cute little idea. But if you're going to do it make sure it's done right.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Nice idea. Too bad Tor is such a narcasistic douchebag.

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Very funny idea. But this is be an anti-choc message. Yes for a dentist, double yes for a toothpaste, toothbrush, or public health education message.

I *COULD* see it working for a very adult, ironic brand of chocolate. maybe. If such a brand exists.

Nice pick up on the hole-punch scam too.

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I do think the hype factor of this item is more than enough to substantiate it's drawbacks. Seems cool to me.

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