Chevrolet: Applause

This invitation is full of applause.
It applauds you for preferring us.
It applauds you for taking such good care of your Chevrolet.
And it'll take care of applause for you at a spectacular play.

Advertising Agency: Rapp Collins Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Pablo Castro, Juan David Botero
Art Directors: Maria Mercedes Cortés, Yesid Suárez
Copywriter: Carlos Jaramillo

February 2008


JD's picture
40 pencils

Bit forced I would say. But at least it's solved my problem of clapping at the theatre - damn hand to hand co-ordination, I just... can't... get them... to... meet!

BigBrother's picture
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Interesting to see creativity within a CRM program, which has a whole set of different objectives. These people already have the product (their Chevrolet vehicles) and now it's time to find reasons for them to keep them. With strategies like theatre invitations, there is an incentive, but not necessarily an original creative. In that sense, this piece works for me because it gives me a "you're special for us" feeling in what could be a simple invitation.

And JD, it's not the clapping itself, I think this is about what applause can mean. ¿Right?

JD's picture
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Yeah, for me it just feels like a bit of a cheap gimmick that tries to force a creative link between a thank you note and theatre tickets. But maybe I'm just been negative.

Delfondo's picture
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Muy lindo el Board. Solo falta que tenga una buena idea.

white widow's picture
white widow
137 pencils

it's too Forced

simon.gross's picture
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This is a very long bow.

raverus's picture
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agree, with the forced

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