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Jaap Grolleman
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It's nice but will this really change any behaviours? Pretty costly too ;p

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Great idea. And, looking at the mechanics of the piece, this is a relatively low-cost breathalyser too: tiny vial of reactive crystals, printed bag, plastic tube. Couple of Euro if sourced at a decent volume. And behaviour changing? It's a magazine for petrolheads, so I don't think the agency was expecting miracles. BUT if something's made available, for free, that's useful, it'll be used. I'm certain that every single one of these units was used. What the driver did next is down to conscience, but at least it served as a mirror to behaviour. And it seems that CCR is the Brazilian Highways association, so full marks for them for the initiative here.

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Fantastic simple idea.

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Nice attempt, and may be it becomes effective.. But will anyone read a magazine before going out after boozing?

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Nice Idea...would've been better if it's not only found in the magazine...it'll be useful...

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