Satirical Map of Cannes

June 2013
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This a double-sided satirical map of Cannes. One side is made of meat, the other made of mouldy bread. The idea is that Cannes is divided into rich, past- it CDs/ presidents and young ,hungry creatives who do the work. The legend looks at it from the perspectives of each side.

Advertising Agency: Blammo, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Murray
Art Directors: Vicki Nanonwski, Dejan Djuric, Vanessa Heber
Copywriter: Vinay Parmar
Account Co-ordinator: Amanda Tucci
Retoucher: Simon Tuckett
Print Producer: Gord Cathmoir
Studio: Patrick Conway

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Meredith Singh
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I don't like this. It is too complicated. The steak looks gross. The little flags look heavily photoshopped. The numbers on the bread look like mould. The copy is painful... "If you're a young and hungry creative..."