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Handsome Wong
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Good idea!!

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]wow thata very very goooooooood.

love anything creative

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Another great piece of work in a row. Very nice.

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Really great idea.

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Disco Munky
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Really nice. Haven't seen a mailer quite like this before (although there will be people saying "done" in a minute).

You've got to be pretty confident in the product to do this, but never the less it's a very clever solution to the brief.

Well done. I'm a bit jealous.

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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fuckin good!

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I'm curious how much this mailer cost to put out.

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Stains are one thing... but that pen ink looks pretty sunken in.

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i wonder if those stain really gone with only 1 wash ?_?
love the idea though..

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Alistair C.
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i think the idea is very good.

but.. i don't believe their claim or any other detergent's claim to remove stains in 1 wash. It might remove dirt, but grease and pen ink no...

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nailed it.

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what if the stains does'nt wash out, hehe

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Before you do scam ads, understand the market you work in, or else you'll get found out.
Unsealed dm in Thailand? . DM sent to Thai house wives, up-country ? With English copy inside??? I don't think so.....! In Thailand, Thais predominantly speak Thai and read Thai. English is a very very distant second. Up-country, no Thai house wife speaks, let alone reads English, or more to the point English dm copy.

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not really the same, but same back concept. just thought it was interesting.

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Handsome Wong
Activity Score 28

Good idea!!

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Great Idea

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Genial el DM!!!!