BMW: Aroma advertising

Do you know what driving 195mph feels like? Well, this is how it smells. Get to the BMW Championship a little bit early to take one of our M cars out for a spin at the Autobahn Country Club.

“15w-50” motor oil-scented men’s cologne. Custom packaged, 2 oz. aluminum spray bottles. Fragrance selected to suggest the auto racing experience.

Advertising Agency: Baldwin&, Raleigh, USA
Creative Directors: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
Art Director / Bottle Design: Rob Frasketti
Copywriter: Haley Reaver


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Jaap Grolleman
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Not sure if smelling like oil will give me the impression of going fast but I like the thinking :)

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Not sure this is speaking to the right target... I would wager the mass majority of BMW owners have never a) put their own oil in their vehicle b) have no idea what 15w-50 is.

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This is a recycled idea. Way preferred the original Burger King cologne idea from a few years ago.

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Stinking like a grease monkey after a day of hard work under a car is not what BMW M owners desire. Smell of burnt tires, maybe.

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