Blush Cup Size: Which cup size are you?

Which cup size are you?

Advertising Agency: glow, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Johannes Krempl
Art Director: Janine Brunke
Photography: Benni Rein
Account Manager: Nikolai Knabner
Production Company: Coffee Ad
Producers: Vian Feldhusen, Helen Speitler


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This will definitely not get you dates.

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I hate puns. this one is really bad.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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what is this all about, coffee or bras?

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Statler and Waldorf
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S: Got milk?


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Statler and Waldorf
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W: The client got milked on this one!


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hahahahahaha I love it....

BUTTTT they do not have a cup size big enough for me.....

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Will split people. Most won't like this on here. I'm sure the public will.

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Well, you broke the cardinal rule of 'No puns', but it's a fun little idea.

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innovation with plain simple words attached to the product.....
"cup" "size"...

innovative and at the same time bold n gutsy....
can be the next fb profile pic sensation...

cud hav done lots n lots more stuff using this concept....

loved the idea n the simplicity of thought behind it.
hats offf......:):):)

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Stupid. This is another idea that just works on the pictures you make to send it to awards.
Imagine what you look like if you try to get that perspective. And even then it looks lame.

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