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More Like Blinkers of looking stupid.

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I'm very sorry, but marriage is not that. It's the opposite, the idea doesn't work, it's maybe an insight in Iran, but not in the rest of the world. Horrible.

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Bad and confusing message. I agree with the above comments.

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Completely daft.

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for idiots.

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i think that guy and women are not faithful lol

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Yeah they don't trust each other if they need these...

Where's the elegance?

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Very interesting comments, LOL!

If cheating in a marriage is cool for you, give me your wife’s number :P
Cause vow of eternal love means faith, infidelity would not be accepted.

As we can see from the typo, this work was created for a Greek client.
In Greece, in Albania as well, and maybe in the rest of the world marriage means faith and devotion.
"Looking around" in this case means cheating, in a symbolic way, with a plenty of humor.
Btw... I do not think that cheating is acceptable from any wife/husband.

And yes, you don’t have to wear this to go out and to look stupid.
This is just a funny way to announce a marriage.

I see #Humor #Engagement #Interactivity

Cheers ;)

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