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Jaap Grolleman
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I don't think many people will do this. Nice idea but it won't work in reality I think.

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i like the idea. but i agree with www.jackmancer.com
maybe it'll work if the letter falls into smokers hands

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It's a good idea and fits the brand. I think people will indeed try heating it up to reveal the message.

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Marlus Lau
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Agree, probably not anyone, but arouses curiosity.

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Nope, lets be honest. I sure as heck wouldn't grill it. Even if it arouses curiosity, if they don't do anything with it, it doesn't matter.
Visually, if you want people to 'grill it' I think they would have to be a little more excited to do it...so, so plain.


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I agree with Dzsoi. In advertising, we're not talking efficiency anymore but effectivness.
But i do agree also that a blank card is weak. Even more for a restaurant, you should make it appealing.
Why not have differents cards with differents full shots of the top of a bbq Grill? With différents kind of meats. And when it's over fire, the beef cooks and reveals the name of the restaurant.

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thumbs up.


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It took too much work!

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you think that's too much work?
then you're just lazy.

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oooh.. kinda like the Declaration of Independence from National Treasure

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putting cardboard on the grill is a fire hazard.

reminds me of invisible ink as a kid, only you didn't have to burn that.

Nice idea, cheap too. Effective? Questionable...

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more than creative guys, i would praise here account guys who manage to sold it to client, and even more praise to client who bought it

very risky from client point of view


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Why depend on people grilling your card... if they don't you certainly would be grilled! (at least something or someone's getting grilled)

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Let there be creativity!!!

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i think its a wonderful concept for the visiting card and the restaurant too!

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It works if they had a candle right next to the pile of cards to grill it right then and there... but if you take it home blank... it will more than likely get chucked out.

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