Bild: No one likes waiting

Task: Bild, the famous German tabloid newspaper, wants its subscriber base to embrace its new app that delivers breaking news 24/7.

In today's fast paced world, we are always in a hurry so we often forget to remove the USB Drive correctly.

We give all our current subscribers this special USB drive: anytime it is not removed properly, instead of the usual warning notification, you get this contextually relevant pop-up message: We know you can't wait a second. That's why Bild app brings you the latest news.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe
Art Director: Karoline Brandt
Copywriter: Babatunde Adebola
Tutors: Fabian Frese, Tillman Gossner


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i don't get. when you remove unsafely do you see exactly what's in the advertising, or some news?
anyway, confusing execution

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Your execution loses impact when there are glaring typos. "wait"

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Ignoring the typo, this only works if you do something very specific with a specific USB key, and I'm assuming it only works on a PC running Windows. An this is for a iOS/Android app? So the impact per Euro spent is ... (class dismissed)

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