Benjamin Thain: Guilty

Attempt to win the heart of future employer.

After my interview on the day before Valentine's Day, I decided to thank my interviewer with this evidence bag.
Just to say:
• Thank you!
• Happy Valentine's Day!
• "Am I trying too hard to get a job?"

Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Photographer: Benjamin Thain, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Victim: Zayn Khan
Released: February 2008


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love it.

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All I ever hear from Creative Directors is that they don't like this kind of stuff...just have a good book and the work will speak for itself.

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i admire your effort, but you don't need to do stuff like that to stand out. just be yourself, have good work and write a nice thank you. the issue at hand is risk/reward. you could blow them away or royally offend. maybe that's a gamble you're willing to make/take but it might not be necessary. a tactic like this is only good if you're not convinced they were ever going to call you again. and then, it's probably a moot point. the only time i ever heard about this sort of thing really working well was that famous direct mail piece jelly helms sent the martin agency in the late 80's. it was a mailer that said "i hear the martin agency is hiring junior art directors for $18,000 a year" (or something like that and some dollar amount). inside, he had written out a check to them from his bank account. above it a line said something like "well, here's my check." i'm probably butchering it, but you get my point. it got a lot of creative coverage and it was smart. is your idea on that level? or does it come across as stalking. just something to think about. sorry to write so much but i'd like to help you make the right decision. hopefully others will have a thought as well.

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agree with the power of the book instead this stuff

congratz, hope you get that job

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