Arimidex: Straws

Can you pick which of your breast cancer patients will have a recurrence?
There’s no way to predict which of your patients will have recurring breast cancer. So it makes sense to treat all patients as women with some risk. Versus tamoxifen, Arimidex can improve every patient's chance of staying disease free.

Advertising Agency: G2, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director / Art Director: Stuart Hinds
Copywriter: Duncan Blair

September 2007


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Nice device for a direct mail piece.

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I understand what this piece is getting at, but I think it needed more development.

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let's remember this is prescription drug industry, full of restrictions and usually direct and dry. for a piece directed to doctors (with all the preconceptions that implies), I think it's pretty good. I can imagine the doctor interacting, getting the message, and acting upon it.

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