Ariel: Stain By Numbers

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Maru Kopelowicz, Sion Scott-Wilson
Copywriters: Bianca de Silva, Neil Harrison
Art Directors: Christopher Jones, Anjum Shaikh, Masa Al-Kutoubi
Prodution Company: Power Print, Acacia Projects
Photographer: Dave Kennedy
Additional credits: Jihad Hamza, Hamid Naqvi, Heidi Afifi

April, 2010


Dzsoi's picture
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I think noone will do it. Noone will start a washing programme for this "painting", noone will risk to put this together with his/her clothes. IMHO.

jamesrothenburg's picture
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"No one" is two words by the way.

Dzsoi's picture
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Thank you for your essential comment!

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They sent this kit to "opinion leaders"; not to some randomly selected consumers. Also, they provided everything you need (including fabric) to do the test. I'm saying this because you mentioned "clothes". Now, I can't tell if Ariel is that strong, but still. It's a good stunt.

Dzsoi's picture
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I see they have enclosed fabric, but either you wash it all alone in your machine (extra time & money) or you wash it along with your dirty clothes (laundry) - that is what I meant. I would be really interested what kind of motivated opinion leaders are there in washing business - I franky have no idea.

keithstoeckeler's picture
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Pretty fun way of getting you to test it for yourself. What Mom wouldn't give this to her kid(s) and let them paint the fabric, then see how good the product works? I like it.

esia's picture
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And why dont disapaer the black outlines on the canvas after washing it? if i wash something i like it clean without any drawings.


philippertl's picture
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So if you wash a tshirt with a cool illustration on it would you also want your washing powder to clean that off? :-)

philippertl's picture
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Fun idea. Not sure if I would wash it with my clothes though, I would be tempted though :-)

raavigeorgian's picture
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is interactive...but why would one wash it to get the same artwork(lines)...the end product could have been interesting...or maybe it's just me

northerncreative's picture
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Simple. I guess this was intended as a high value mailer. Targeting key decision makers. Raav does have a point though. What would have been nice is if the whole painting area had been washed away. Subjective comment all the same. Nice one.

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i agree with nrtherncreative. but don't agree with the drawing being washed away. in this way, the show that you wash away dirt, but at the same time protect decorations.
nobody would love their Roilling stone' tee completely blank.

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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consumers don't really have to test it... the fact that Ariel sends you this says they're pretty confident about their product. It's a statement. On the other hand, the paint is probably very easy to wash...

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If you noticed carefully, the "paints" are actually food/household, ketchup, mustard, ink. This is a great advertising paint using the stuff you normally get on yourself and Ariel is saying that their detergent will get it off. There's no way to confuse shirts with designs being washed blank....

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oh i did not notice that, makes a lot more sense now :-D

what a great direct mailer design!

Lynn Ho
Decision Communications Pte Ltd
Advertising Agency Singapore

emd2k3's picture
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Where 's the flaming hoops I need to jump through, are they included?

Time is almost too precious to waste on testing this out.

Vijaya Kumar.C.P's picture
Vijaya Kumar.C.P
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Good for award. But too complicate & waste of time.
Not practical

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2 CD's, 2 CW's, 3 AD's for this = WTF

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nice idea but not practical. :(

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