Apartheid Museum: Botha

Experience the shift in power.

To raise awareness for The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, this handout utilizes the anagram in the names of the last president of the apartheid era, P.W. Botha and that of the current South African president, Thabo Mbeki.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Paul Coetzer
Art Director: Paul Coetzer
Copywriter: Pippa Capstick
Executive Creative Director: Marthinus Duckitt
Released: April 2007


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So what?

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R. Rinaldi
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So so.

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I love it. Clear and simple. I'm jealous.

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what's botha and thabo?

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P.W. Botha was South Africa's last "apartheid" president. Thabo Mbeki is South Africa's current president. The Apartheid Museum documents South Africa's movement to democracy — i.e. literally from BOTHA to THABO.

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thx for explaining
great work

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I think if one is to be in the advertising industry (which goes hand in hand with the media) u shud be savvy to such historical events and refrain from letting ur ignorance show by asking such questions

Strike two stones with one bird

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If you're going to call people ignorant and tell them to quit the industry, at least make the effort to spell out "you" "your" and "should."

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yeah, instead of asking questions just remain ignorant to it...
such a silly thing to say, not everyone knows the history of every country. Ask away.

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Bundy Agency
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The only way i've learnt anything in this industry is by asking questions.

Its not ignorance, its a passion to learn and understand.

Perhaps you should step out of your glass house and relax.

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Totally agree. A serious advertising practitioner needs to have at least some sense of general knowledge. Read up, bro.

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brema / skinny: want to join me in a quiz on European history?

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clever enough. I also like the art direction: will save it to show those clients who say: "But we need COLOR and PHOTOGRAPHS to have impact, don't we?"

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Could make a cool tv ad too. I'd be interested to know how this idea came about.

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Clever. Would have been better if both names were surnames or both forenames, though.

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I thinks it's inspired. Simple, clever and to the point. Well done guys.

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hey Olafski001 i'll take you up on that quiz challenge anyday

Strike two stones with one bird

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Its a so so ad, not really smart

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really like the idea, but execution doesn't lend enough to it. like someone said before, would be great as a tv ad. or an ambient piece.

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pas au top l'idée

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