Alessio Maria Centritto: Fortune favors the bold

Sometimes finding a job is a matter of luck. But as they say, you need to make your own luck. And since I can cook,
I made some fortune cookies - then targeted all the eCDs in Sydney’s major agencies. Each received a bespoke DM pack:
a handcrafted fortune cookie, with a simple message inside: the link to my work. Time will tell if this is my lucky campaign.

Creative: Alessio Maria Centritto


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Love this self promo! inspiring :D

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very good! congratulation for idea and for your hard work.

One suggestion: make a simple URL for your work not so complicate. Buy a creative name for your URL.
I check it and CENTRITTO dot COM is free. buy it and redirect the url to your work on carbonamade.
after that make your email address like Alessio@CENTRITTO.COM

now you are ready to conquer the world!

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Great Idea!!!

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great ...

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Han Zhonghua
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Not for me.

"Just one Idea can change everything"

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bad luck!

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why 'bad luck'?

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