Fish Bowl

June 2008

This direct mail piece featured a live fish inside a box adorned with messaging.

Direct advertisment created by LeeReedy, United States for 401(k) Squared, within the category: Finance.

Headline (Exterior): If someone’s not watching over your 401k, it won’t thrive either.
Subhead (Interior): A 401k plan is a living, breathing investment that requires constant attention and management to flourish.
Copy (Interior): When your 401k plan is bundled with other investments through an insurance provider or paycheck service, you simply don’t get that kind of personal service. 401k2 specializes in managing 401k plans full-time, designing programs to maximize returns for the business owner. You’ll work directly with the managing partner at 401k2 who will take the time and care to make a targeted plan and to keep it that way. Because we’re an independent advisor, we’re able to offer and recommend the products that are ideal for your specific business and situation – not a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all solution. Call us and we’ll explain more today. 401k2. We live and breathe this stuff.

Advertising Agency: LeeReedy, Denver, United States
Creative Director: Kelly Reedy
Art Directors: Kelly Reedy, Jack Schuler
Copywriter: Jamie Reedy

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Horrible, absolutely horrible.

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REALLY??? They've been sending LIVE fish via mail??? Someone pinch me please

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sounds inhumane. if it wasn't done so tastefully it would be distasteful. "I'm think the brainstorming session went something like this what could we send in the mail?...You Think?...Talk to production." Regardless, I want one. And it will probably win a dumb DM award.

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Esta idea es una mierda. Gente de LeeReedy, nunca van a ganar la cuenta de PETA.

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If live fish via mail is possible then the idea is good...

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Almost feels like Animals Right is knocking on your door. That amount of water would only last the fish for an hour or less. By the time the recipient open it... what he/she found is a dying asphyxiated fish. How cruel! Even door-to-door delivery no guarantee that the recipient will be there to open it right away.

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What happens if my fish arrives and it is dead? What does that do to the whole promotion?

Give us your money we will kill it just like we killed this fish. I hope they are hand delivered.

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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the fish they mailed (fighting fish) is built unbelievably tough. They can survive long enough without fresh oxygen. I believe they made a testing before going live.

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this fish is not so tough, it just can breath oxygen from the air not only from the water like other fish;
but if there´s no oxygene like in this case he will die!

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If you would treat 400k as a fish, it would live for a while and die. Fish don't multiply alone in a bowl. It's a rather bad metaphore for investing.

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This is a Siamese Fighting Fish - they can live ANYWHERE in practically no water - even if that water is filthy. Its looks defy the fact that it's a ridiculously hardy animal. Incredibly, a SFF can live perfectly fine in a small jar for virtually any length of time. Mind you this is about the only type of fish you could do that with - any other such would die quickly.

As an idea it's alright. Obviously scores some extra points for novelty value.

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Malesh Ponnusamy
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We had done a fish DM last year, which was a shortlist in Cannes 2008 under Stunts & Live Advertising. You can check out the board and the film in the Cannes 2008 website by logging in.
It was a Betta fish and the client was Microsoft.

The idea was that with the new server software from Microsoft the IT department will have more time in their hand. They wont be running around any longer fixing and maintaining computers since the software will manage everything. So we gave them a fish to maintain instead. "Lonely no more!" is the title of the entry.

Instead of packaging the fish we had it delivered and set up by professionals across the middle east. And had a fantastic response!

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I heard that all kinds of people called to complain about this campaign and even contacted PETA.

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Horrible, absolutely horrible.