2CREATE: The smallest New Year Day's card ever

2CREATE’s PF 2013 Card was awarded with an entry in the Book of Slovak Records as the smallest New Year’s Day card in Slovakia. At 2CREATE, we believe the success of an advertising agency’s work is built on adapting to the smallest details, so this year our clients were sent the smallest Christmas card ever made (not just) in Slovakia. In addition, the text of the wish itself was linked to the main message, while the PF 2013 (Happy New Year 2013) card was moreover personalized, with each client receiving an original greeting that was dedicated just to him or her.

Advertising Agency: 2CREATE, Bratislava, Slovakia

December 2012


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pretty lame.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I agree,

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Long walk. No drink. BFD. Er I mean LFD.

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i thought it was very interesting...again where i am from, we don't take these ideas for granted, they are embraced. i don't think this is lame at all. well job guys!

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